zaterdag 23 mei 2009


At leat some time ago:-)
I start this blog to contribute to the world of bloggers that also share their thoughts and experiences on the net of which i learned a lot and made my life a bit more colorfull.
I have no intention to write or comment on a daily basis, but it will depend on what will happen.
Since i will write about the outdoors, and this community is worldwide, i'll try my best to write in english. And please do correct me, since we're all hanging around on the net to learn.

Colorable Life is about the things that make my life more colorfull, and hopefully yours a bit to.

So, thanks for reading,


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Looks nice here. Like the modifications. Nice to see another NL based blogger.

  2. Welcome to the blogsphere! I "advertised" your blog at and hopefully many will find you =)

    Groetjes uit Finland!

  3. Hendrik pointed me to you and I will look forward to more of your outdoor world.