dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Golite Hex / Shangri La Speed Setup

I own a Golite Hex 2. I have got a sort of love-hate relationship with this tent.
I love the shape, and I love to take it in the mountains where a flat spot is sometimes hard to find. And when more tents are there when hiking with a group the Hex quickly becomes the sit-in and cook tent in the evening.
And I hate that because it is not well made or thought over, is too heavy, is rather small, and I need earplugs even with just a little wind.
I did quite some work on extra guy lines to improve wind stability, ad a snowskirt and pegloops that can hold bigger items like ski’s. Reworked the flat laying groundsheet, etc.

Since the tent is totally dependent on strong pegging a good pitch and peg placement is vital. I’ve got a mail from a friend that has got the New Shangri La and had some difficulties pitching it good in one go. Especially on a bit uneven ground. The method I use might be interesting for more people so I post it here.

I use a Hex shaped piece of plastic foil and a piece of rope which has the exact radius. When i align the rope with one of the corners i know for sure the peg will be in the right place.

Within 30 seconds all the pegs are in place and the tent can be attached and put up.

I ve created a sort of discription which i mailed to him and i will post it here so you can use it aswell. Every thing is on there.

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