woensdag 10 juni 2009

Fishing Line

Today I went to two stores to get some materials for the terra nova laser competition. The Kite store and a fishing material store. Having made kites myself I knew what to expect there. I got some nice dynema line and some webbing. They also have rolls of light weight Carrington ripstop nylon. It’s great to make stuffsacks but not for a tentfly. This because it make quite a lot of noise, due to the coating that prevents stretching of the material.
I was surprised however to see a roll of Tyvek. For 3,95 Euro per meter it’s not cheap but I bought some to do some experiments to see if the quality is good. I’ve read so much about this but could only get it in rolls of 50 meters or more. So kite stores might be a good source for Tyvek.

The next store I went to was the fishing material store. Not a fisherman myself…I’m more known for catching nothing or falling asleep and find my fishing tackle gone when I wake up … I was surprised to see how much there is for the modern fisherman. From the super active fly fisher to the on a stretcher and in a tent sleeping, with a heater nearby, waiting for a fish call by an electronic signaling thing, carp fisher. And a of course lots of bobbers like space rockets, pounds of lead, big fake fish and mini real fish.
In between all of this, I found braided dynema line. 0,15 mm thin with a breaking strength of 11,1 kilo. And there is 0,25 mm as well with an even greater breaking strength.
I bought the roll of 0,15 mm which is thin enough for the sewing machine to add the webbing onto the tent, but also to take some along my trips as an all purpose very strong sewing yarn. Because its more easy to handle than the regular nylon fishing line I bought some hooks as well to try to hopefully getting rid of my non fisherman image on a next trip.

Another thing worth mentioning is that carp fisherman shoot feeding pellets near their hook spot with a catapult. For these catapults they have spare rubbers. These are much like, the hard to come by in the Netherlands, surgical tubing of which tensioning lines can be made for tarps.
An inspiring day, with the conclusion than carp fishing is not my thing:-)

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