maandag 8 juni 2009

Trekking Poles corrosion fix

I own Leki trekking poles. I use my poles for skiing, and hiking are often wet inside. These aluminum poles tend to corrode when water comes is and the pole isn´t dried before storage.

Once I forgot to dry them for storage and when I wanted to use them I found out than they have corroded, making adjusting very difficult.

It´s however, easy to fix.
The biggest mistake you can make is putting a lubricant in it. Don´t!, It can be dangerous.
The use of a lubricant makes the poles adjust and slide better, but that is something that you don´t want to happen on a critical ridge keeping balanced. In all situations the poles must reliable to support your whole weight.

When lubricants are used, over tightening happens often and putting more stress than necessary on the pole, the orange plastic gripping piece and the treads within.

If you have used a lubricant before reading this, you will have to clean all the lubricant of. The right way to remove the corrosion is the use of a piece of sandpaper and some tape.
Wrapped around a stick or thinner pole. Tape it to the pole just on the lower end. The sandpaper
Put the ´sandpaper stick` in and push and pull. Don´t rotate. This will make permanent scratches wearing the plastic part unnecessary fast. Just up en down will do fine. The sandpaper grit I use is, P 150/grit Europe Fepa, which is in between 120 and 150 US Cami.
Then I use a P280 Europe which is 240 in the US, to finish it.
After that I take a piece of paper towel, toilet paper or cloth, make it damp wrap it around the thinnest part of your poles to clean the inside.
Let the poles dry, and reassemble them.

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